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ok so i gotta update for yesterday as well... so ok went to the city with Stefan, Judith, Tara, and Steph... the car ride there was brutal... Judith couldn't leave one song on for too long... almost killed us a few times... got to Ronkonkoma... went and sat outside the pizza place while they ate... then they come running out saying they forgot the tickets at her house haha... Stefan called that one... so yeah then we met her mom at a gas station in Manorville... got the tickets then went back to Ronkonokma got on the train... me and Stefan started boozing... fucking with them haha... that was actually a lot of fun... broke the news that Judith had a lesbian crush on Steph hahaha... she was checking out her ass too! she also smacked it a few times i think hahaha... too damn funny... so yeah got into the city and made our way to Nokia theater... went to the bathroom and smoked and heard some conversation about Necrophagist, so i jumped in it and had a smoke in there... came out then we checked out the merch... when i was in the bathroom i could kinda hear them sound checking the keyboard, and i really didn't want to think about missing Amon Amarth so i blew it off... went in and Children of Bodom were playing... i was pissed... hung out there for about 3 minutes... Stefan disappeared so i figured i may as well too... went back to the bathroom because i had to take a leak... then joined back in the previous conversation because the people were still there... big surprise when they told me they were only there for Amon Amarth... then they said they played a long ass sweet set... i was annoyed... smoked another stick... then got busted by some guys working at the place... got a warning... so hung around... then i realized the kid i was talking to didn't actually know shit... we just sat there and watched a couple kids with nose bleeds get escorted in by paramedics hahaha... then some kid started talking to the dumbass kid and somehow he knew off the bat that he was full of shit... so after the show was over the bullshit kid left and i was talking to the other one... this other guy was a lot cooler... and actually knew what he was talking about, so we just made fun of the other kid behind his back hahahaha... the train ride back we were being super assholes to Judith because she made us miss amon amarth... fuckin bull... ended up picking on Steph a lot... car ride home was the same as the ride there... tons of 30 second clips of country music... ended up giving Steph the nickname chesty because her chest hurt and we kept telling her she was going through puberty, and then we just busted her balls about how young she was, even though we knew she was 18... she was getting defensive it was funny... got home... hung out with pops down here... played some games... you know the deal... he went to bed around 4... i passed out shortly after... woke up Monday around 1:30... took a shower... waited around with them until 6ish when grandma got back... took the family to Riverhead... over to Walmart to do some shit... then to Best Buy... then to Fridays... payed for our dinner... the hottest... waitress ever... me and Stefan figured out why they're there, they don't even serve tables... they just want you to come back next week to try again to get her... but yeah she was about 5'8"... blonde hair, c rack, niiiiiiice ass... ass pants... it was crazy... me and dad were talking about it for a while now that he's single again hahaha... came back to town then hung around... was looking for something to do, but everyones afraid of my family... and i don't feel like leaving the house because i feel obligated to hang out here with them, no matter how boring it is for all of us... pops even went to bed really damn early today thats how bored he was... which sucks because i feel i should stay here and entertain the guests, but i suck ass at that... my ideal night is sitting around doing nothing, i'm perfectly fine with that... i only know one other person who can do that too... Stefan... i also figured out that i don't like hanging out here much lately just because i feel i have to keep people interested in hanging out here... maybe they don't care, but i still feel like when they get bored they get annoyed... so yeah pops checked with the train he took out if he could push back his ride home from the 24th to the 28th and they wanted an extra hundred bucks... his mom doesn't have the money and he asked one of his friends up here for the favor but they couldn't... so i offered to give him my christmas bonus from work, which should be atleast a hundred... because i feel like i haven't seen my dad in 6 years and 9 days just doesn't feel like it's enough... hell maybe i'm a nice guy after all... but yeah he's sleeping on it, even though they only had one seat left... so it probably won't happen anyway... oh well, what can you do... today being my birthday, i have work today because i never told them i wanted off... because i actually dont, but everyone here wants me to get off... i don't see a birthday as anything special... even if it is the 21st birthday... i'm now sitting here getting drunk legally, woooo boy... (sarcasm)... but yeah i don't care if i work on my birthday... but then again i got work the rest of the week till Saturday, and that leaves them stranded in the house for 24 hours of this week with nothing to do... and that i do feel bad about... what can i tell you, Hampton Bays in the winter... there aint shit to do... i don't know... still trying to figure out if i should go to bed tonight or just stay up and booze for a while... but then if i actually do have to go to work i don't want to get a DUI on my first legal day to drink heh... hmmmmmmmmm... so yeah tonight they watched movies upstairs all night and i played guitar for 4 hours down here... that was the night...
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