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Slayer @ The Hammerstein Ballroom

so yeah, we saw Slayer Thursday... me and Stefan did... it was great... but at the same time it sucked... i got claustrophobic and extremely annoyed at the same time... but then again i came to expect the same thing of every Slayer show i go to... we got there and it was empty... we were massively early... hung out upfront for a looooong time... watched Unearth... i thought they were really bad... they enjoyed partying more than their music which made them that much worse for me... they enjoyed doing funnels during their songs to impress the underage kids... to sell more records... the one douche, who i describe as a douche just because of his shitty choice of clothing and ADD like characteristics... kept pointing at this one semi-black chick out in the crowd until about 3 songs later which she cralwed up on stage and made out with him infront of all of us... that was really stupid... i would've really liked it if he would show off inront of us more though... being as his guitar solos were top of the line /sarcasm.... even i could make guitar solos better than him and i suck at guitar... i mean come on... that band should just collectively shoot themselves in the head for the shitty music they put out to the low level americans... such a shitty band... i've earned a new level of disrespect for this band... that and they doused me with beer by the end of their set... something i could've lived without... go the fuck away... you suck ass... please kill yourselves... in between sets, someone started a show your tits chant... to a girl up on the 3rd balcony... blonde, skinny chick wearing a short red skirt... red fishnet stockings, and a bikini top... nice b-c breasts... she hesitated then finally showed... it proved as a nice distraction to waiting for slayer... but not even seconds after the anxiety of waiting for slayer came right back... waited atleast a good 45 minutes for Slayer to come on... and it was a great release when they finally did come on... the setlist went something like this:
War Ensemble
Die By The Sword
Show no Mercy
Captor of Sin
Mandatory Suicide
Seasons In The Abyss
Silent Scream
Dead Skin Mask
Raining Blood

South of Heaven
Angel Of Death

it was fucking sweet... i was pretty pumped even though it was hard breathing... being up 2-3 people before the gate is really hard... and i know this, but everytime i go to see them i really lose all care... like its really hard for me to breathe and during a couple songs i almost pass out... but in the end i look back and it's totally worth it... being literally crushed on all sides... like really really crushed... i even had one mexican pass out on me... when i yelled to him if he was okay he gave me the horns... then he got dragged out of the place by people who deemed he wasn't strong enough to make it... i somehow managed to get up to 1 person behind the barricade and there i stayed... the closer you get to the barricade the stronger the force is behind you to be pushed up front... so i had to deal with the people infront of me getting pissed, because they thought i was trying to push my way upfront... then i had to deal with the drunkard behind me grinding his elbow into the back of my ribcage... then after he figured out that wasnt working he had to rest his arm on my shoulder... and during songs he'd literally push my head to the right and down... till i got so pissed that i started shoving his arm off my shoulder and started grinding my elbow into the front of his ribcage with a lot of force... fuck you... you may be a slayer fan, but you're an obnoxious prick... i'm here and i'm not moving so get the fuck back... i was probably getting really irritated because i had not had my nicotine fix as well, because a bounced had ousted my smoking of cigarrettes in between sets... but yeah other than the annoying people, which come with every slayer show... it was a fucking excellent show... they had the music fucking cranked... which is one thing i noticed about all shows Slayer plays... they always have to be realllllllly fucking loud... and the intro to Raining in blood got my shoes untied thats how loud it was... my body was literally vibrating for a good half hour after... shivers up the spine, and that really good feeling that the music is so loud that even deaf people could hear it... it was great... they played lots of classic songs... and it was good... but the overall mood i gained from it was one of major hostility... i was very irritable coming out of there... we got in the 11 something train out of there... got home around 1:30... got home somewhat early... took a shower... and yeah now what... how many days later? i can't remember but my neck still hurts... i noticed i had a huge bruise on my neck from a crowd surfer coming down right on my head... i dont know, but i need to drink more... until there is exactly no more... so that's what i'm working on tonight... fuck everything else... as of late i've been in the shittiest mood ever... so don't fuck with me... i might just shit on you after eating some 7-11 nachos with free chili and cheese, mixed with laxitives to give it that nice smooth texture when it's flying out of my asshole onto your face...
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