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ok so woke up expecting to go to work today but grandma called in and made me switch days so i could drive to the airport... went to DMV to renew my license which expires shortly... went to Friday's... got the double stack quesadilla which was alright... then around 1 i started the 2 and a half hour trek to Laguardia... getting lost on the way there was not my fault, because i had really spotty directions... i got lost so hardcore... took the LIE went over the Throggsneck i believe... went so far that i hit Jersey and yeah it smelled bad... just before entering Jersey though i somehow avoided it... found myself in the Bronx... then found my way to Queens... found the airport finally... parked and went to check the arrivals... went to two wrong terminals because there really backwards as fuck up there, atleast in JFK they have seperate terminals for each airline... as soon as i found the right one i bumped into them and they had just gotten off the plane at a quarter after 4... so that worked out well... got back in the car and i was following signs for Long Island, but somehow ended up in the ghettos of the Bronx again, it was reallly shady there... then i managed to get back into Queens and find the right way back to LI... then there was major traffic because it was around 5... took 2 and a half hours to get home... longest drive of my life it felt like... got home and just wanted to relax but couldnt, had to go out and get pizza... then came back then had to go munchie shopping... then after that we stopped by Uncle Monkey's house... i didnt know this but he's got another dog now, can't remember the breed name... but it's a cool small breed... sat around there for a good hour... then came back here... getting ready to Relax then Jess walks in the door... heh classic awkward staredown between her and Liz... came down here then Liz and Keith came down... it was hilarious how awkward is was... the only conversation was Jess' laughing at my facial expressions... other than that silence... it was so good hahaha... they disappeared... then me and Jess got into a baby powder war, when we ran out of that we had an antiquing war... totally brutalized each other for a good hour or two... whole basement was caked in layers and layers of flour... we used like 3/4 of a new bag of flour... most of it's just on my floor now! so funny... i think Jess might've won though in that i was covered in flour from head to toe... but she also walked away bruised and battered... totally saved my night... grandma flipped when she saw the room... it's just flour... even though it is everywhere heh... Jess went home and Keith and Liz went to bed... and yeah i'm shot... hitting the bed so hard tonight, i'm actually exhausted for a change... nothing like driving for 5.5 hours then getting antiqued hardcore to drain your battery...
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