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Welcome backkkkk...

Woke up this morning after sleeping from 10-1... guess i didnt have work... hung around... went to King Kullen to pick up dinner with the family... went to the Res for some smokes... did an empty run... came back here and Preston and Christine were here... so we talked to them for a long while... talked to my mom! it's been a long while and she seems very different... she was telling me how my little brother timmy has a moustache starting... i was like goddamn i'm getting old, because last time i saw him he was like 7... they left around 6:30... made dinner... baked some chicken, corn, and taters... it was pretty good... it's weird how i have company that comes to my house and they cook for me and fold my laundry... heh its nice... kinda freaked me out because i came down here going to put my clothes in the dryer and i see them already folded sitting on the couch... folded clothes scare me... umm... went to the Bev with pops after dinner and introduced him to Clown... had to get some booze because i thought Jon and Stefan were coming over after the islanders game... sat and watched the Islanders game on the tube because our remote doesn't work and all of us are WAY too lazy to get up and change the channel... then watched some movie called Miami Vice that i burnt as a request... wasn't the best quality and that made it a bad movie for me... that and there was people getting in the way of the camera walking up and down the aisle a lot... so yeah Stefan and Jon ended up not stopping by here and invited me out, but i feel that i have some sort of obligation to stay and hang out with the family, no matter how painful it is... so yeah... tomorrow i got work, i believe i'm bring pops in because he wants to wander the streets of riverhead... then after that i gotta come home and shower... still don't know if pops really wants to go to that show tomorrow night, he wanted to... then i think when uncle told him that the bands were really heavy he kinda changed his mind hahaha... i dont know, i'll have to see what happens tomorrow... so yeah... i'm really really really fucking tired... don't know why... that's just how its been the past couple days... usually i'm wired this late at night... but not recently... but i do know this mac and cheese is good... mmmmhmmmm... later dildos
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