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The Amazing Adventures of Monkey King!

Tales of ultimate personal failure and inadequacy!

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a little about me?
i play with my nipples when i'm bored
i also play with my goatee, i love it so!
you somehow found your way to my journal...
my name is monkey and this is my life...
enjoy mother fucker! because i know im having a hell of a time

change stand grow
these things you'll never be
taste your fate
all that you'll ever be
a life love unconditional
a life love
love unconditional

chase 'em down string 'em up
hate the ones who bring you down

Current Terror Alert Level:
Terror Alert Level

a perfect circle, aborted, abused, acid, acid bath, adventures, agelessness, alcohol, alice in chains, all shall perish, amon amarth, angel corpse, arch enemy, army of darkness, at the gates, augury, bass, bass guitars, beer, being creative, big asses, bit, black dahlia murder, black label society, black metal, bondage, brutal death metal, burn the priest, cephalic carnage, cheech and chong, chicks, comfort, concerts, creating reality, crowbar, cuddling, dane cook, danzig, darkness, death metal, deep sleep, deicide, dextromethorphan, disillusion, dissection, domination, down, dying fetus, ensiferum, entombed, evergrey, evil dead, eyehategod, family guy, fate, fucked up shit, girls, goatees, goatwhore, god forbid, gorgasm, graveworm, hard sex, henry rollins band, hoodies, horror movies, hot sauce, impaled, in flames, individuality, insomnia, iron maiden, jack black, jenna jameson, kreator, lack of inhibitions, lamb of god, life of agony, long hair, lsd, masochism, mastodon, maynard keenan, meaningful conversations, megadeth, mercyful fate, meshuggah, metal, metal chicks, mexican food, ministry, mithras, money, monty python, morbid angel, music, napalm death, necrophagist, nile, open minds, oral sex, ozzfest, ozzy, pain, pantera, pantera home videos, parties, personalities, phil anselmo, photography, primus, psycroptic, randomness, respect, ribspreader, sado-masochism, sanatorium, sarcasm, scratched, sex, showers, six feet under, slayer, soilent green, sopranos, south park, stone temple pilots, strapping young lad, suffocation, superjoint ritual, taco bell, ted nugent, testament, the haunted, the unexplainable, tool, travel, tripping balls, uniqueness, vader, vehemence, vital remains, waynes world, white zombie, women, zakk wylde

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